Natural heritage of Kali


Clear sea and indented coast

From many bays and beaches of Kali, the ones standing out are very deep bays of Mala and Velika Lamjana

Mildly hilly green inlands

Kali is proud of its unblemished Mediterranean landscape: woods, macchia, olive groves and dry-stone walls. Hilltops Pelegrin, Veli Vrh, Orjak and Kobiljak (199 m, among the highest peaks on Ugljan island), particularly stand out.

Natural heritage

On Podgora and Podravno (mostly olive groves close to Vela Lamjana, southwest part of municipality) as well as Pelegrin, Veli vrh and Orjak, it is not allowed to interfere with the natural landscape. Project NATURA 2000 includes Ugljan island in its entirety (together with these islands: Molat, Dugi otok, Kornat, Murter, Pašman, Rivanj, Sestrunj).

Dry-stone wall tradition

Kilometers of dry-stone walls stretch all over inlands marking roads, fields and olive groves: they demarcate individual olive groves and are often used as dirt roads so they can be several meters high. Building technique varies, from roughly thrown-together stones to careful stacking. Some villagers have built little stone ‘houses’ adjacent to the walls, habitually used as shelters and tool shacks. They are usually round or square buildings with roofs built out of stone blocks either dome- or tier-shaped. Dry-stone walling technique is one of the most ancient known building techniques.