Cultural heritage of Kali

Kulturna baština

Parish church of St. Lawrence

Baroque parish church of St. Lawrence is a single nave building with a spacious shrine, five marble alters and a church tower dating back to the 15th century. The main altar adorned by the painting of the Holy Family together with John the Baptist, Saint Lawrence and Saint Stephen is one of the largest altars in Zadar Archdiocese.

St. Pelegrin Chapel

Romanesque-gothic chapel from the 14th century is situated on a hill of the same name. When it was being renovated in 2005, a 5th century pre-Romanesque altar relief was discovered in the chapel, being one of only ten such artefacts found on the Adriatic islands. It is unknown how it turned up in the chapel.

Archeological site Orjak

The remains of an Iron Age hill-fort found on Orjak hill prove that the island has been inhabited since prehistory.

Glagolitic Heritage

Glagolitic script stayed in use mostly through church books until 1873., and Kali itself produced an outstanding number of 82 Glagolitic priests. The parish church has preserved eight Glagolitic Codices, (the codex called) 'Libar godov' being one of the oldest codices in the Adriatic. The old Church Slavic Liturgy characterized by Glagolitic chanting ('Glagoljaška pučka pjevana misa' ) can still be heard in the church of St. Lawrence at certain celebratory occasions.


Established in 1983, Kali library contains a mixed collection of 15.000 items.