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You can visit the nature park Telašćica by going on an
organized excursion. It is a spacious cove
at the end of the southern part of Dugi
otok (Long island). In the bay there are
25 coves, five islets and one special
natural attraction – salty lake Mir
(Peace) – curative lake water is saltier,
during the summer even warmer, than
the sea tha is near by, and therefore it is
extraordinary appealing for the swimmers.

Also very impressive and steep are the cliffs, that rise up to 166 m and protect the bay from the strength and the strikes from the open sea, which makes it one of the most protected bays on the Adriatic.

Apart from the pleasures of sailing, there are top fish specialties and home-made wines.
This and many other things attract visitors in Telašćica, which belongs to the high category of the protected area of nature, which it deserves, as the Nature park of the Republic of Croatia.



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