The island of Ugljan is situated across Zadar and a several NM wide Zadar channel is the only thing that
separates them. Many daily car-ferry
services connect the island to the land.

It is characterized by the green
exuberant vegetation which is why it
got the name “green island”. It is covered
with thick macchia, pines, olives, wine
grapes, figs as well as other Mediterranean herbs whose aromas you will smell the minute you get on this island.

Through generations it is linked to the sea, shipping and fishing industry, and through tradition to olive growing, the island is well known for its numerous olive trees that give high quality olive oil with specific aroma.

In natural coves of the island many fishing and tourist towns and settlements have been formed, such as: Preko, Kali, Kukljica, Ugljan, Lukoran, Sutomišćica and Poljana.

Many coves, islands and a rich sea bed are a true challenge and heaven for sport-fishermen and divers. Extremely appealing areas of the island are Velika and Mala Lamjana coves and Sabuša at the end of the south-western part.

The inner part of the island is rocky but accesible and it is criss-crossed with many cycling paths suitable for cycling tours and strolls, which nature and sport lovers like.

Beautiful panoramic views, landscapes that will impress You especially the Venetian fort St. Michael (13th century). Many remains from the Roman times still bear witness to the early existence of people in this area, as well as early Croatian chapels, convents, stone-architecture of the island as well as numerous summer houses.

More than 2500 sunny hours per year, stony and sandy beaches, crystal clear sea, many possibilities of accommodation in apartments and rooms, original home-made specialties and especially very good car-ferry services with Zadar and Biograd will make Your stay on this island unforgettable.


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