Kali is a place of the most famous fishermen on the Adriatic, who have shown their fishing abilities and seamanship on the world’s seas. It is exceptionally particular because of the two little ports that are full of fishing-boats and fishermen who are on the pier, occupied with patching up their fishing nets.


On the island of Ugljan near Zadar, there is a fishing and tourist place called Kali, the biggest town on
the islands around Zadar. It is being
mentioned since 1299., but Kali are a
lot older. The continuous admiration is
here being followed since ancient
times, Miiddle Ages and the new age
up until now. It is situated between the
two ports on the North-East to the
wonderful Lamjan coves on the South-West and it has many beautiful, modern buildings.

A place of the primeval Croatianhood, it is known for everything Mediterranean, from the sea, fish, boats and nets to beautiful coves and waves. Kali is also known for the speech that is being used there, which is full of diphthongs, ancient Glagolitism, farm labour, olive growing, fishing and general life on and with the sea, and people full of temperament, who fill many of their friends with enthusiasm..

The old core of the town consisting of little narrow streets and houses made of stone in the Dalmatian style is situated on a hill, from where one can see a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

Above everything there is a church-tower of the baroque church of St. Lawrence, the patron saint of Kali. With St. Lawrence as their patron saint, each year in August a famous “Fishermen’s feast” is being held in his honour and for both the tourists and the natives. During this feast you can truly feel the Mediterranean spirit of this area.

The town has its medical facility, a post office, several food and grocer’s shops, butcher’s, florist’s and hairdresser’s shop. Kali is connected to Zadar through continuous car-ferry services, which makes your arrival to our town a lot easier in many ways.



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